ENGAGE final project workshop

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Contact: Tatiana Duranova, VUJE

Stakeholder engagement is now recognized as an essential ingredient in the governance of radiological risk. But how is stakeholder engagement achieved? Whom should it include and why? How can it inform radiation protection practices and decision making? This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss these and related questions, with the aim of stimulating more effective and democratic governance of radiological risks. Three fields will be examined in detail: medical exposures to ionizing radiation, post-accident exposures, and exposure to indoor radon.

Workshop Aims:

  • To share findings from the ENGAGE project and stimulate mutual learning;
  • To collect feedback on recommendations for enhanced stakeholder participation in the abovementioned three fields.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will consist of presentations and facilitated discussions. The ENGAGE team and invited representatives will present the following topics:

  • Rationales and frameworks for stakeholder engagement in radiation protection,
  • Stakeholder engagement in practice, illustrated with case studies related to medical exposures, post-accident exposures, and exposure to indoor radon,
  • Building radiation protection cultures in view of supporting stakeholder engagement in the governance of radiological risk,
  • Recommendations for stakeholder engagement in radiation protection, according to the three exposure situations.


The workshop is open to policy-makers, responsible authorities, non-governmental organizations, researchers, members of the radiation protection platforms, journalists, and any other stakeholders from related fields and civil society that in any form have a stake in radiation protection decision making.

Registration is open